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Prescheduling & Screening


All guests (including companions) are required to pre-register by completing the Online Release Waiver prior to arrival.  

This waiver must be completed in advance. 

Upon arrival, all guests will be have thier tempretures taken. 

All guests are required to wear face masks OVER  NOSE AND MOUTH at all times within the studio. 

All guests must sign in and out.

Studio Occupancy and Safe Distance


Maximum studio occupancy total is 5 at all times.

Patrons that are not grouped must remain 6 feet distance from the group.

Children under 10 are prohibited. 

No guests allowed in piercing room. 

One person allowed in restroom at a time. 

Everyone is required to wash hands. 

No food or drink allowed. 

Sanitization Provisions  Update


Universal precautions are strictly adhered to at all times. 

This includes frequent hand washing  between operations. 

Sterile instruments and sanitization of work stations between customers.

Waiting area and restroom cleaning on enhanced schedules.

UV area sterilization.

Air purifying equipment systems.

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